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Emergency Medical Services

The majority of calls to CPFD are for medical emergencies.

The EMS team within the CPFD consists of 4 trained first responders (EMR), 4 emergency medical technicians (EMT) and a paramedic (P).  For a description of those qualifications and responsibilities, please see CPFD EMS Personnel.

What to do in a medical emergency:

    • Complete these ICE Forms and post them in a conspicuous place..the refrigerator is good.  What is an ICE Form?  ICE stands for "In Case of Emergency" and contains essential medical information for the EMS personnel should you be unable to tell them yourself. 

    • If necessary, complete medical consent treatment forms so that current caretakers such as a nurse or nanny can make medical decisions in your absence.

    • Post 911 information close to the telephone: your name, address, call-back number.  If you are incapacitated, this will help a relative or neighbor make the 911 phone call for you.

    • Let the trained dispatcher lead the call.  Be ready to answer all questions and follow instructions.

    • Clearly state the location of the sick or injured person.

    • Be prepared to describe the person's condition, in particular:  Is the person conscious?  Is the person breathing?

    • Do not hang up until instructed to do so.

    • If the person is not breathing, begin CPR if you have been trained to do so.  Otherwise, all EMS personnel are trained to do this, and will initiate CPR immediately upon arrival.

    • If there is a wound, you may be able to apply firm direct pressure to stop the bleeding. 

    • Make the person as comfortable as possible.  Tell her, "Help is on the way"

    • If possible, gather medications to give to the EMS team.

    • Make sure the door is open and egress is clear of obstruction so that a stretcher can be used for transport.

    • Make sure EMS personnel have the necessary information to send along with the injured person.  This information is included on the ICE forms.

    • Send along medical consent treatment forms if the primary caretaker is unavailable. 

    • If possible, a family member should ride along in the ambulance to provide comfort and continuing information to the EMS personnel.


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