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About the Crystal Park Metropolitan District

The Crystal Park Metro District was organized pursuant to Title 32, article I of the Colorado Revised Statute, with the primary function of fire protection. Formed by a public election in 1995, it is a governmental entity, and is subject to State and County statutes, regulations, reporting and auditing requirements.

Five directors are publicly elected to administer all District business and maintain financial compliance. Each director serves a four-year term on the Board with a two year overlap between directors. The ability to vote for Board directors is based on property ownership within the District (based on tax records), residency and voting registration and is not related to local homeowners association membership.

The Metro Board of Directors, in conjunction with the Crystal Park Fire Department, evaluates and identifies the most effective use of revenue consistent with its fire protection function and, at its discretion, creates and adjusts budgeted allocations across expense categories. An example of this is CPFD efforts to improve water delivery and overall fire protection capabilities in its coverage area.

All District records are public, but are kept secured to ensure compliance to State retention requirements. A formal written request is required to view District records not available on this website.

Meetings are held at 6:00 PM on the first Wednesday of every month at the Crystal Park Fire Station at 496 Palmer Trail; exceptions are publicly posted. District residents are welcome to attend meetings to stay informed of all District activities.

Questions and comments may be directed to the Metro Board contact: Chairman Mike Doughty at 719-200-2118.


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