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VOLUNTEERS: First and foremost, our "funding" consists of the time, expertise and personal expense donated by our volunteer firefighters, first responders, engineers, associates and auxiliary to ensure an effective response to fires and medical emergencies in Crystal Park.

PARTNERSHIPS: Manitou Springs Fire Department has contributed to the success of CPFD by providing firefighter and first responder training, equipment and support. See "Partnerships" for more information on this critical contribution to the success of the CPFD.

CRYSTAL PARK HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION (CPHOA): No funding is provided by the CPHOA.  The HOA's Multi-use Building / Shelter-in-Place is also used as the CPFD Fire Station.  In 2008, when the Forestry Committee was unable, the HOA Board asked the CPFD to take on construction of this new facility which was completed within budget and with hundreds of CPFD volunteer hours.  Construction of the facility was driven by the HOA's decision to complete its initial Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), which is the basis of its annual forestry grant.

METRO DISTRICT: The Metro District provides a moderate annual budget by committing required matching dollars for grant applications, as well as paying "continuing costs", such as various insurances and annual radio licensing fees, allocating money for "water storage and supply" and the purchase of equipment.

GRANTS: CPFD takes every opportunity to apply for local, state and federal grants to support its volunteers and operations. In 2008, CPFD was awarded a grant funded by the Volunteer Fire Assistance Program for communications equipment, safety equipment and a rescue chain saw; a grant from Pfizer Foundation for an AED, and a grant from Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) for personal protective equipment and training.

DONATIONS: CPFD has been favored with some incredibly generous donations from the general public, Crystal Park residents and other fire departments, including cash, equipment and Engine 910.

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