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Our Volunteers

CPFD Leadership

Chief John Hennessey, Deputy Chief Paul Welsch, Lieutenant Eric Julian


Foreman Collin Powers swears in 2012 Officers (from left to right):
Deputy Chief Paul Welsch, Treasurer Floyd O'Neil, Secretary Andra Martin, Chief John Hennessey.
Not shown: Lieutenant Eric Julian



volunteers 2012

From left to right:  Charles Davis, Andra Martin, Adam Sand, Paul Welsch, Susi Hennessey, John Hennessey, Mike Doughty, Jacque Julian, and Eric Julian. 
Not shown:  Collin Powers, Ed Costello, Floyd O'Neil, Jim Mesirow, Shane Coyne, Steve Leander,
Nick Gurin and Adam Dyet.



CPFD First Responders

Standing: Collin Powers and John Hennessey
Sitting: Steve Leander, Jacque Julian and Susi Hennessey
Not shown: Floyd O'Neil, Andra Martin, Kelly Bruggeman, Eric Julian and Paul Welsch


High Angle Rescue Team

EMS Rappel

Shown:  Susi Hennessey
Not Shown: John Hennessey, Collin Powers, Jim Mesirow, Mike Doughty, Steve Leander,
Charles Davis, Jim Mesirow, and Nick Gurin



CPFD Engineers

Dick O'Brien, Mike Doughty, Collin Powers
Not shown: Jim Mesirow and Nick Gurin


News and Events


CPFD Volunteers