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Annual Communication to Residents
2010 Results and 2011 Outlook

2010 was an interesting and tumultuous year for the Crystal Park Metropolitan District and the Crystal Park Fire Department, but in the end much was accomplished.

Most importantly, the Multi-Use Building was completed, including wiring, insulation, and interior finish.  This work, which was largely done by volunteers, was paid for by the District.  Its effects are already clearly being seen in the reduced cost to heat the building.  A shared Use Agreement was signed with the Crystal Park HOA, ensuring that the Fire Department will have use of this facility for at least the next 15 years. 

Other Use Agreements covering the heavy equipment used by the Park were also signed, saving considerable money for the HOA.  All the Use Agreements may be viewed on the Fire Dept./Metro District website  We are most appreciative of the efforts of both the interim HOA Board and the current HOA Board to work with us to put the acrimony of the recent past to rest and create a cooperative atmosphere that is in the best interest of residents and members of Crystal Park. 

The Fire Department has enhanced its medical response and rescue capabilities over the past year and will continue to work diligently to do so.

Fundraising efforts by both the Fire Department and the Auxiliary, including firewood sales, cookbook sales, the Boriello Brothers Pizza fundraiser and others, were very successful and resulted in several thousand dollars being raised for the purchase of equipment and supplies.  The participation and generosity of Park residents in these efforts is hugely appreciated.

As many of you may be aware from recent articles in the media, tax revenues for Special Districts such as the Crystal Park Metropolitan District are expected to fall next year (and for several years thereafter) due to reduced property valuations and the resultant reduction in property taxes, which provide the majority of the non-contingent revenue for these Districts.  We would like you to know that we believe that our revenues, even if reduced, will be sufficient to cover the continuing basic costs of the Fire Department without a request for a millage increase.  The District Board is confident that the District can continue to pay for the various insurance coverages, the cost of utilities and maintenance for the MUB, radio licensing and maintenance fees, accounting fees, legal fees and other necessary costs with the revenue we project.  Fundraising efforts will continue to supplement tax revenues in order to purchase equipment to further extend the capabilities of the Fire Department.  Grants will continue to be applied for to obtain needed equipment. 

As most residents are well aware, the most significant problem for fire protection in Crystal Park is the lack of water.  Unlike urban communities, we lack fire hydrants.  Neither do we have other readily available sources of water, and Colorado water laws make the creation of such sources problematic. One of the goals of the District and the Fire Department is to obtain a second water tender to shuttle water from what sources are available (the lake, cisterns, temporarily dammed streams).  Once this piece of apparatus is obtained, the Department will be in a position to attempt to have the ISO rating of the District lowered and create the possibility of lowered fire insurance rates for homeowners in the district.  To this end, the District has begun to set aside whatever monies it can toward the purchase of such a vehicle, and the Fire Department has begun the process of watching for appropriate used vehicles to come on the market.  The timing of this effort will be based on finding a good vehicle at the right price.

The Fire Department continues to work with residents and their insurance agents to educate these companies on the capabilities of the Department in an ongoing effort to help reduce fire insurance premiums.  Residents should contact Fire Chief John Hennessey for further information.

The Fire Department has also continued to work to enhance relationships with various fire, EMS and rescue agencies in the area.  This includes the El Paso County Wildland Suppression Team, El Paso County Search and Rescue, the Colorado Springs Fire Department and the Colorado Springs Utilities Wildland Team, as well as our ongoing close working relationship with the Manitou Springs Fire Department.  The Department signed a Mutual Aid Agreement for EMS, High Angle Rescue and special operations personnel and equipment with the Manitou Springs Fire Department in February, 2010.  The relationship with MSFD is of paramount importance to Crystal Park.

We would also like to note that the District will shortly be placing AED’s (automatic external defibrillators) at the Crystal Park Office and the Clubhouse.  These devices are for use by residents in the event of cardiac events in their vicinity.  More information will be forthcoming on these devices and their use.

We would encourage all residents and Crystal Park members to familiarize themselves with the workings of the Metropolitan District and the Fire Department. Informed residents are less likely fall prey to unfounded rumors and misinformation that occasionally circulates in the Park. Much information, including financial information, such as budgets and monthly Treasurer’s Reports, can be accessed at , by clicking on the links on the right hand side of the page.  You can also contact any of the Metro Board members or CPFD Chief.
We would once again like to thank you for your support of the Crystal Park Fire Department and its members, who spend thousands of hours in the aggregate, involved in training and Department activities to be prepared to respond to emergencies.

Crystal Park Metropolitan District Board of Directors
Mike Doughty, Chairman
Charlie Ennis, Treasurer
Mike Young, Secretary
Tim Britton
Dick O’Brien