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Our Partner: Manitou Springs Fire Department

Crystal Park Fire Department and Manitou Springs Fire Department (MSFD) have a mutual/automatic aid agreement to assist each other in emergencies.  That means that MSFD will respond automatically to Crystal Park emergencies if their personnel and vehicles are not otherwise engaged in their primary response district.

Crystal Park has the responsibility to respond to all wildland fires, high angle rescues and structure fires in Manitou Springs if our emergency resources are not otherwise engaged in the Park.  CPFD is included in the MSFD Incident Action Plan (IAP) and is required to add Crystal Hills and eastern Manitou Springs to their response area during flood incidents.

In addition, MSFD supplies the following services that are critical to CPFD for the maintenance of its proficiency, capabilities and equipment:

Refill SCBA's
Wash and decontaminate bunker gear
Refill oxygen tanks
All training services
Use of emergency reporting system (ERS)
MSFD dispatch services
Wildland Red Card annual testing (IQS/ROSS)
Use of MSFD communication channels and talk groups

CPFD volunteers are encouraged to support Fire/EMS/MVA incident response in the MSFD District in order to practice and keep our training proficiencies current.

Go to MSFD for more information on this invaluable partner and supporter.